Incident Report Database (Detailed daily incident reports of my targeters)
Searchable database by time, date, tactic, amount of harassments per day involvement in these mass Stalking working with Rodie Morales and Aubrey Fisher in an endless obsessed Worldwide stalking riling the entire industry against with covert mental illness and terror operations now going on since the mid 2000's) with these Government and Police EXtermination Operations to remove me from society no matter what it takes

While this starts 40 years ago as a young child, Modelmayhem has made decisions to take part in ending my life, showing they are not about making money and business. Exerting huge amounts of time, energy, resources invested in ending my life and trying to cover up the larger crimes with the Government and Police. When approached by people with  authority and the police, and asked to become a vigilantes, they made a moral decision to try to act as the police  to end my life to stop me from talking about what I know and found out was going on at 29 years old with Mike Huntley sent after me at 14 years old, and Tom Farley around 8 years old.

My Photography, they with My father Ron Perelman at Golden State Sports Medical, are claiming are FRAUD to do whatever it takes to destroy my name worldwide with the INTENT to have worldwide groups mentally batter me to death with  psychological terror tactics

Also, for the bigger picture proving what is going on, and talking about the tactics that they are heavily involved in destroying my name, reputation, and life with Libel, Slander, Defamation, and in this case CRIMAL DEFAMATION (A pre-meditated act, to hurt, harm, mame, or kill, or rid of the world, with Motive, and Execution)

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Some of the Key Players related to this Operation

Aubry Fisher
Mike Huntley
Tom Farley
Rodie Morales
Lorena Escobar (Office Manager of my fathers Office Golden State Sports Medical, and paid to pose as an Office Manager while stalking his child from state to state since around 16 years old)

All the things they were involved in with covert psychological terror/torture, defaming, slandering, libeling my name worldwide working with Aubry fisher telling me I should use their site instead of others when she saw I was getting into  Studio Photography. Introduced to me by Rodie Morales sent after me by the LAPD taking me to strip clubs to try to scare me into coerced false confessions that I have killed someone with LAPD. She was told to befriend me and hunt and Stalk me.

Recently after about 6 years of not even thinking about photography from what they are involved in. I tried to sign up 7/11/2018 and instantly they knew me in their operations with cover up excuses that they won't let me work with people because they banned me. Trying to cover up the real reasons of what they are doing and are involved in. Not only do they work on me now with >WORLDWIDE support. They never stop, pretending they don't know me. And then they follow me from place to place worldwide sabotaging every thing I am trying to do. Weather it's a website, public place, you name it. Trying to figure out ways to end my life of rid me of the world. Showing that this is PERSONAL, and not really about anything I've done wrong.

Easier to read PDF of these Interactions

After signing up to they used their entire website, and user base to take turns on me all day and night to destroy my name, try to make me mentally ill and kill me. Then trying to cover it up like usual, by banning me. Saying I am involved in some kind of inappropriate behavior along with their other endless lie spree and the rest of the world. of the world.of the world. of the world.

Recently their hunt with the people they are associated is still going on, as I was thrown into Maximum Security prison for a girl who called herself Lilly Love, They sent after me, along with other women I did photo shoots with working the same elaborate angles. While the toy gun in the picture does incriminate my father and the LAPD in their endless crime spree against me. Modelmeyhem are supporters of singling and out stalking people who sign up to their system. Notifying their entire user base to take part. Destroy peoples names and lives to rid them of the world.

This site will talk about all the events the happened with them starting in the mid 2000's and are still going on today WORLDWIDE which is largely their doing. Using their name MODELMAYHEM to try to Mayhem me to death with their paranoid schizophrenia tactics to try to make me look crazy to remove me from society with such labels that I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic and actually working with the Police and Government acting as VIGILANTES

doing whatever they are told if approached by someone with authority telling them to go out and commit crimes

Some of the old blogs about Modelmeyhem when I didn't really understand the magnitude of this extermination campaign terror campaign against one person -

Fraudulent website claims it’s for photographers and models, but it’s really just a mobbing website built to run people they don’t like out of the industry -

Modelmayem contacts their ENTIRE user base to stalk me is a website for people in the photography industry trying to get a start, promote their work and network with people in the industry.But Modelmayhem from day one has had ulterior motives in targeting me notifying their user base to do everything possible to make me mentally ill and run me out of the industry

A lot of these are to be COVER UP operations from what was done to me on IRC, Growing up, and with my family. To turn things around on me, and cover up their entire situation, now WORLDWIDE. So that they can try to look like good people and save face in the eyes of the world in which they have continually lied to about me for 40 years now. had about 750,000 users working on me at the time they banned my account because I told them what was being one to me, and they didn't want me talking as they took part in it showing the people who ran the site were working with Aubrey Fisher and are heavily in involved in these mass stalking operations. The majority of them have been told to harass me to DEATH, Literally.

After I signed up to, and was getting into Studio photography. One of the people sent after me named Aubrey Fisher was sent into my life by a person named Rodie Morales. Rodie Morales turned out was working the LAPD to figure out who to remove me from society. Working on endless frame jobs, Setup Attempts, and with the Police claiming that I had killed someone and telling the world I was being investigated. While these investigations change from thing to thing since a young child. Their goal is to imply rile the masses against me in paranoia and chaos, making them think I need to be removed from society to get them to help.

Thus Aubrey Fisher telling me to sign up to to promote me work and get some experience while hunted by the entire community, along with worldwide communities to remove me from society since around 5 years old. With such accusations from my own family with their psychology degrees that I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic because I was not the child that they wanted when I was born.

For years on this one website alone, working on me with Paranoid schizophrenia tactics, and terror operations to try to get reactions working with the Police and Government to remove me from society no matter what it takes.

Trying to MAYHEM me to death as they like to use LITERALS to try to make me mentally ill and look crazy. has things like a announcement page on the front where people do shootouts and such, which is mostly a tool developed to run me out of the industry.

From day one of signing up and doing what everyone is supposed to do, comment on others works, give feedback, or shutouts, etc.

But in return for me doing what the site says it's about, and clearly it isn't, I've been attacked by the majority of the users and even the support team when either addressing the issue over and over, or just trying to promote my work and pursue that avenue.

Not only that, but a large majority of the users we following me around and collecting information to use to create mental illness and run me out of public places, as well as give out website information to public locations not even related to this field.

This screen cap shows one of their terror tactics. At one point told the majority of their user base to post in patterns of 1,2,3,4,or 5 and in other ways with hinting messages to create mental illness.

You will notice things like explanation points done in patterns of 2,3,4,5 for example "!!" or "!!!" or "???"

Or someone might message me at 12:22 every day and things like this.
Even hinting messages about my private life, for example, if I go to Mcdonalds, someone will post on the site, "I love Mcdonalds" or If I go get donuts, someone might post something like "I need a donut" instantly. And this was done over and over until it was beyond a reasonable doubt and is still going on.

Or they would take fragments of things I posted copying them over and over all day and night for example, If I jokingly post ya'll, it will be posted back all day and night to create mental illness and such tactics like this.

They also used other photographer to befriend me and try to get any dirt possible to run me out of the field, as well as comments on specific times in patterns, and trying to create ideas of reference which is basically trying to induce schizophrenia with hidden messages.

This shows you what's been going on all day and night I'm guess for about 10 yrs or so with the intent not only to run me out of the business, but to end and destroy my life refusing to stop until I was dead.

They would try to justify their actions by saying things like, "If you are not comfortable here, then you shouldn't use our site"

And this goes on all day and night forever with the INTENT to create mental illness and kill


One of the women who contacted me on their system who called herself Lilly Love at the time. I believe a Christina something. Who used the toy gum as I prop. In a photo shoot. After this, I was hunted by the LAPD because the toy gun incriminated by father in trying to get coerced false confessions that I had tried to kill or scare him. Because at 16 years old. He was mad at me for something and put the bullet hole in his Mercedes 300e telling the world I did it. While this is just one of endless operations like this. Model Mayhem is not only helping them cover it up. But also hunting me with Rodie Morales, Tom Farley, Lorena Escobar, Aubry Fisher, Mike Huntley in these operations and told to work on tactics to try to make me look like a VIolent Paranoid Schizophrenic.




Because of this harmless picture and signing up to their website. Them contacting all the women and telling them to do photo shoots with me in endless frame job operations working with Aubrey Fisher and ROdie Morales in these operations to remove me from society. Pictures were brought out in the court rooms about this toy gun. And on the arrests Officer Sean Dinse and his co-workers had all sorts of questions about this harmless picture which you can read about just one of these illegal arrests with the Police working with Modelmeyhem on these extermination campaigns:


Mike Huntley working with Ron Perelman, Officer Sean Dinse Aubry Fisher, Detective Angela Stewart in COVER UP operations for sending Jen Hess After me to end my life or remove me from society -



Lorena Escobar who is my fathers Officer Manager , working with them, telling the world I am a FRAUD, and Con Artist who asked me to do a Photo Shoot with her, then telling the world I took her picture and it was against her will in my own Photo Studio. And working with them telling the world I am a fraud and to endlessly attack me in all day and night worldwide angry rages, now going on 17 years


Rodie Morales who was also working with Woemn in operations to try to make it look like I was stalking them and taking me to strip clubs. Also on worldwide accusations that I have killed someone and, introducing me to Aubry Fisher, who reffered me to working with them in these Stalking Operations. As you can see from this News Paper clipping with Rodie Morales working on Murder Investigations and the LAPD. Associated with Modelmayhems illegal operaitons.

Rodie Morales sent after me by the LAPD working with Mike Huntley and my family taking me to strip clubs and trying to get murder confessions as cover up operations for my father and the LAPD putting a bullet hole in his 300e Mercedes and telling the world I tried to kill or scare him  

Just one of the many people sent after me by the police and government in frame job operations. Mike Huntley wanted me to join the Gym with him as  Rodie Morales signed up our memberships. Rodie then befriended me in all sorts of setup attempts and frame jobs working with the LAPD. Notice how in 1998 Rodie is involved with working with the police, but he posed as a person who wanted to build adult websites as he already knew I had built some and was working on a database system for some larger scale websites. Rodie was just one out of 4 people from the age 21 - 27, in each state I lived in, befriending me, and wanting to take me to stripe clubs working the same exact angles and tactics. Eric Christianson, Val Morozav, Rodie Morales, Tom Farley. Which seem to link to my mother oddly enough accusing me at around 14 - 16, or rather asking me, if I had hit our neighbor kid in the head with a golf club named Josh Burnam. As I recall Tim Thompson in my office pretending to swing a golf club, as Mike Huntley was pretty much going off on me in our office changing from friend to my executioner in his 25 year hunt to remove me from society. Originally my brothers friend.

He was also involved in the fabrications and frame jobs in my childhood life, and growing up with all the things done to try to make it look like I am and was a reckless driver based on all sorts of operations of people launching vehicle at me over and over to try to cause accidents. They succeed on one setup perpendicular to the fast lane. And when I could not stop in time and she caused an accident. She immediately got out of her car yelling. "He tried to kill me" Yet Not one thing at all in the entire situation could remotely be my fault. Yet the Police are working with worldwide support to remove me from society any way shape or form. And this is just a couple of examples.

Download full resolution or view this Rodie Morales - Daily News Article - Oct 12, 1998

These are the some of the operations the LAPD doesn't want me talking about, hence Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart and many others  trying to make me look crazy and lock me away to stop me from saying anything to anyone.

Officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart - illegal arrest Operations and Endless attempts for murder confessions on arrests with all sorts of trumped up falsified charges to try to torture me into false confessions. Even with DNA tests.
Read About Sean Dinse and these illegal Arrest Operations with his Neighborhood Terror groups which is worldwide and never ending now going on 40 years

The one question you might want to ask yourself about these so called murders I've supposedly been involved in? Is there even a body? Most people are normally hunted and arrested because of a crime and probable cause.Not based on complete fiction that someone might have done something from thin air. Hence, why they have called their campaign a SKULLFUCKING campaign from one of the women they sent after me on IRC who called herself Skyler (Stephanie) delivering me a message of what they were going to do to me back in about 1997. A message that they were going to make me mentally ill psychologically torture and keel me with these mass groups. Which seems to stem from a Grateful Dead Watercolor painting I did when I was 16, showed my fathers office employee Patti Googin, and told her I wanted to get a Tattoo of it. Which she said, I better not because my father would never approve of it. While I worked there in the file room making money to build my cars. Which seems odd I would be hunted over a harmless watercolor picture that no one normally could care less about. Which goes from artwork to artwork.

Also, I believe right after this is when I noticed the Bullet Hole in my fathers 300e Mercedes and told him about it. Which the police have been following me since then trying to get Murder Confessions, or confessions I tried to kill or scare my father which is very strange and coincidental as well. Working with People like Eric Christianson, My brothers friend Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Mike Huntley, and tons of others. And labels to the world I am a violent Paranoid Schizophrenic to cover up their operations to the world.

My Art Used Against me





Went all across the US and to Washington DC with a group calls to prove what they are involved in is world wide extermination campaign and Corporate is working with all location to wipe me off the planet for finding out what they are telling people world wide to Defame me, and rile the masses to kill me with endless Gang Stalking and Mental Battering all day and night 24/7 now witnessed for 16 years after finding out as it has been going on a lot longer.

Read about Washington DC Trip with to expose these illegal WORLDWIDE stalking operations ModelMayhem is heavily involved in


My World Wide Targeting info


For access to all the Raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking's to me:




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